Quality policy(UNI EN ISO 9001)

The General Management of the I.M.A. srl intends to pursue a modern quality management, as part of its activity of distribution of hardware products and consumables branded by the manufacturer, aiming at an optimal organization of resources, to obtain full customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

For this reason, it has established a Quality Management System with the aim of managing and controlling the technical, organizational and human factors that can influence quality, operating in substantial accordance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2015.

The company quality policy can be summarized in the following principles:

  • carry out business planning that implements actions capable of successfully addressing risks and opportunities at the various levels;
  • analyze and monitor the needs and expectations of relevant Stakeholders;
  • satisfy the needs of each customer, fulfilling orders without errors and respecting the confirmed delivery times;
  • monitor process performance and stimulate and undertake improvement actions;
  • always work towards goals;
  • work well the first time to help reduce costs and make our Company more competitive;
  • be courteous, recognizing the "customer" in each work colleague;
  • use only reliable suppliers by establishing a partnership relationship with them;
  • recognize yourself in this Company;
  • involve and empower all Company personnel;
  • research primarily the quality and reliability of the product;
  • prevent non-conformities, rather than eliminating them afterwards;
  • obtain maximum transparency towards the Customer in order to exactly define all aspects of the supply;
  • comply with applicable laws and regulations;
  • provide maximum support to the Customer for the solution of his problems.

All the staff must undertake to ensure that these principles are promptly applied, to achieve continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and to achieve the objectives set annually by the General Management during the review of the Quality System and verified through the review itself.

The task of managing the Quality Management System has been entrusted to the Quality Management Manager, who therefore assumes responsibility for the correct and continuous functioning of the Quality System.

Each corporate function must be committed to achieving the objectives and to contribute to the continuous development of the Quality System.

The General Management undertakes to take an active role in implementing and supporting the quality policy set out above, to constantly disseminate it and to periodically verify its degree of understanding and implementation.

ISO 9001


Commercial reliability and financial quality

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This recognition, which has been coming for over 5 years, is the confirmation of IMA's constant attitude of seriousness and professional correctness towards all stakeholders and the result of the increasingly ambitious and high standards that we set ourselves every year.
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